Wide range of materials for advanced composites

We supply a huge range of advanced composite materials for construction of boats, cars and motorcycle chassis, surf and windsurf boards etc. We are ready to offer you the most suitable laminating solutions.  We cooperate with research institutes and universities in the development of composite materials.

1. Reinforcements

Permanently expanding selection of high-quality reinforcements suitable for various composite applications and repairs.

  • glass fabrics and mats
  • carbon fabric
  • sandwich materials
  • chopped glass fiber
  • etc.

2. Resins and adhesives

Resins and hardeners for advanced composites. Special adhesive systems for composites and other materials.

  • epoxy resins
  • polyester resins
  • gelcoats
  • epoxy adhesives
  • etc.

3. Auxiliary materials

We supply wide range of auxiliary materials used for composite production.

  • release agents
  • pigment pastes
  • Shears and cutters
  • diluents
  • etc.