Industrial flooring for large projects (warehouses, factories) as well as small home garages.

1. Coating systems

Wherever you need to create a dust-free concrete finish, epoxy coating systems are ideal. They are suitable for smaller workshops, garages etc.

  • an economical variant of durable floor surfaces
  • use for garages, workshops and other areas with less mechanical stress

2. Industrial flooring systems

Epoxy solvent-free self-leveling coloured systems.

  • highly mechanically and chemically resistant surfaces
  • use for highly stressed garages, manufacturing companies, warehouses etc.

3. Epoxy resins

Highly mechanically and chemically resistant.

  • wide range of epoxy systems for using in building industry
  • penetration, binder for polymer mortars and concretes
  • binder for stone carpets etc.

4. System compositions

We propose the best solution for your floor according to your requirements.