Products for artworks, decoration, design, etc.

Art products is a constantly expanding range of products for artistic use, decoration, design, etc. From our products you can make simple and complex silicone molds, design products of special epoxy and polyester resins and much more.

1. Silicone rubbers

Two-component silicone materials in the form of a neutral semi-liquid to liquid paste, which, after mixing with the catalyst, vulcanize on silicone rubber.
Silicone rubbers have very low adhesion to most substrates and the resulting vulcanizate has excellent separating properties. This is used in the production of flexible molds.

2. Epoxy a polyester casting resins

Clear casting resins for creating thick, water-clear, bubble-free castings – river tables, jewels, design products and much more.

3.  Auxilliary materials

We provide wide range of auxilliary materials like release agents, fillers, pigment pastes etc.